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So, with 6 weeks of follow up on a range of clinical measures, then the last patient just enrolled will have data reporting finish end of February so maybe, expect some indication of the results..... was going to write April, but this is Clinuvel so going for the middle of the year.


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So there is a follow up. The question is will clinical learnings from the followup itself guide the design of the next trial, as in the primary endpoint will change i.e. from Day 42 to a longer observation period. If it remains at Day 42, would that suggest Clinuvel is onto a winner?
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I'm surprised and pleased there's a limited update from the company following the 6 month extension submitted last week on

I'm especially pleased there were no drug related adverse events in patients 4-6. That had been a concern after the delay emerged.
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Good progression when Melbourne has experiences a large increase in covid related isolations. The overall market is flat, healthcare up 0.7%. I would not expect much traction today until the news disseminates that Clinuvel is actively progressing strategy in this indication.

A bit surprised that the accompanying media release has not been issued yet. No twitter, facebook or linkedin posts. I would not expect insta post, that appears to be a vitiligo channel.

For those with memory issues
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Website updated, Facebook, LinkedIn and a Tweet have been issued.
Volume remains depressed, but that's not unexpected, until groups get to review the announcements for the day.
Healthcare Index up 0.2% and the ASX200 0.1%
I would think the quarter numbers out next week should most likely confirm the 30%+ growth rate for the 1st half. The December quarter is generally the weakest quarter.
2nd half to date has always been larger than 1st half, last year 23% greater
There have been no periods that the 4th qtr (Apr-Jun) has been smaller than the 1st quarter (Jul-Sep), last year it was 43% larger.
Fundamentals are good to hit the analyst forecasts.


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Hang Seng down, following the trend for the past 6 months on the back of dodgy real-estate, Nikkei and ASX200 treading water until China data comes out. I don't think the news is going to be great. Will be interesting to see how the People's Bank of China manage rising inflation, $3 trillion debt and heavily indebted developers whilst trying to spur economic growth. CUV might be a good buy this afternoon...:devilish:
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