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I’ve been in this stock for nearly 20 years. Wolgen joined in 2005. in over 15 years we sit here today with the drug approved for one obscure indication. Many more indications have been flagged, or started, but not been completed. And in many cases, not even been discussed again. The board continually marvel at the achievements of management.
I'm not sure what to make of all of this. I'm grateful management have commercialised the drug. But its so hard to assess its potential because you can't really extrapolate from management aspirations...they haven't proven to be very accurate indicators in the past.
Still...I sit here hopeful


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I don’t recall having ever seen the results of the old Epitan trial aimed at delivering Melanotan topically. This paper concludes that the use of the TDS system was unsuccessful possibly due to the molecular weight.

It will be interesting to see how the coming OTC products are engineered.
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MNP technology seems like it would be far superior to implant OR cream.

A safer option in that ripping a patch off can be done in seconds without professional help if a negative reaction were to occur and dosage via MNP would be extremely accurate where as cream would be incredibly difficult to gauge.

What a beautiful surprise it would be if Micro Needle Patch technology was revealed some time soon for Scenesse.

All the sins of the past would be forgiven.

(Cosmeceuticals???) gets a mention in this article as well as “sun protection”.

This article is concerned with MNP delivery of protein and peptides!!!….Am I drawing and connecting dots where none exist?

“In short, MNs are a very promising strategy for protein and peptide delivery to treat various diseases.”

3. Application of MNs-mediated protein and peptide delivery

Proteins and peptides have become significant therapeutic modalities for various diseases, which continue to enter the market at a steady pace99, 100, 101.

This can be attributed to their target specificity, high potency, and favorable safety compared with traditional small-molecule drugs. As a minimally invasive device, MNs can improve the patient's compliance and offer a multifunctional platform to overcome the skin barrier for hydrophilic and macromolecular drugs32.

Moreover, the mild fabrication condition and solid state nature are a major advantage of MNs compared to traditional injection of the aqueous solution, which can improve drug stability and reduce the use of cold chain80.

3.4. Other disease therapy
MNs-mediated transdermal protein and peptide delivery can also be used in other disease therapy, such as hypoglycemia199, osteoporosis200,*** cosmeceuticals45***, and wound healing20

Cosmeceuticals are blends of cosmetic-pharmaceutical products with the intention to improve the health and beauty of the skin in a manner ranging from acne control and antiwrinkle effects to ***sun protection.***

From: Preparation of Phytopharmaceuticals for the Management of Disorders, 2021

4. MNs-mediated protein and peptide delivery in the clinic
As mentioned above, the fundamental research has proved the advantages and feasibility of MNs-mediated protein and peptide delivery.

At present, many therapies based on MNs-mediated transdermal delivery of protein and peptide drugs have entered clinical use.



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Some feedback from epp USA patients :

Feedback #1
It’s incredible. It’s emotional, and empowering, and overwhelming. It’s almost unbelievable until you actually experience it personally. It’s freedom. Complete game changer. It’s like a dream. It’s a miracle 💜❤💜

Feedback #2
The doctor who I started Scenesse with last year told me I was the first patient who had not been in clinical trials to get the implant on American soil. I just hit a year on Scenesse and it’s a whole different world. However, just like I told the FDA when we all went to DC for the patient meeting, the hardest thing about EPP is the mental mind game. Even on Scenesse the mind game continues. The warmth of the sun still triggers the fear of pain. Every time I feel that warmth my instinct is to cover up. Then I remind myself I’m safe and it’s just warmth, not burning. Next week I’m off for my first Carribean vacation, something I never dreamed of before.

Feedback #3
Absolutely life changing! 2nd implant yesterday. Thank you to all who have fought so hard for the cause. None of this would be possible without!

Alot of feedback from the Usa patients and there is too much to copy and paste ….i just posted a small sample.
Its unfortunate many Epp patients are missing out eg England etc etc


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@FarmaZutical If the lotions will have the “same action” as the Rx version of Afamelanotide (per Wolgen in the German interview), could that be the reason why apparently, there hasn’t been any progress on the pediatric version? No trials so far and the deadline is in a year. If the lotion brings polychromatic protection (different wavelengths, then, logically, it would have to be giving some form of protection against artificial light, too. So could a lotion be a scaled down version of the original molecule but still potent enough to give EPP kids some sort of protection without having to endure trials and an implant?


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@FarmaZutical There’s no way they would ever offer (or promote) an OTC product for EPP kids as somehow of a protection against UV lights...maybe the XP trials are the door opener to get a fast track decision for Scenesse Enfance...are there any age requirements mentioned for patients participating in the XP-C and XP-V trials?


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@DenzelWash I haven’t seen any detailed info on the XP trial. In a recent communique, the company writes that that they will only give an update once the trial has concluded, so it could be underway or it could be about to start. We don’t know.

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