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Some great finds from this group with the XP trial. Just interesting reading the tea leaves for the timelines of this with the EudraCT number of 2019-000597-34 so was in the pointy end planning stages in 2019. Was entered into the clinical trial register on 11 Jan 2021 with ethics approval given 24 March 2021 and green light for the study June 1 so actually not too bad timelines really considering the events of 2020 in the world putting a big pause on things.


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@investek Looks like a July finish, have they given themselves 7 months leeway for wiggle room (or extra time to analyse results?). 6 patients only as mentioned when the CUV150 trial was first announced. They were expanding the program to include XP-V patients but not in this location by the looks of it.

And one of the participants is 65 years or older? Quite an achievement for someone living with XP.
My bad. SU2 says CUV152 and CUV153 beginning in Q1/Q2 2022
No Phase 3 trial scheduled for healthy volunteers, 2 x Phase 2b trials for XP-C (?), and then only 1 Phase 3 trial for XP-V🤔🤔🤔

No more trials for healthy volunteers suggests enough clinical evidence to back DNA repair OTCs?

Edit: Perhaps they only need one type of XP trialled for Phase 3, using XP-C and XP-V in a Phase 2b trial for comparison to ensure its having the same effect. If the trial shows that then they can move to Phase 3 with XP-V only. Kill two birds with one stone: additional FDA indication and have data for a Brazilian NDA (XP-V or EPP). I don’t think we’ll see XP approved before end of 2022


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Thoughts on why the big drop today? Once again, baffled why the sp moves down when there is seemingly lots of good news to celebrate.


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I bought more today - was not expecting to get it in the $26s though, already showing a profit which is karma for buying before PW announced his sell the other week.
There is little volume which pushes the stock wildly. Appears to be a motivated seller vs Shorts. Motivated for tax time or potentially just a poor algo twap order looking for love.
@macgyver leaking CUV150 details goes with the norm for this stock sell on good news.
From my perspective CUV150 and CUV801 are both in the wild now which allows to value in DCF for XP, Stroke and Cosmetic and Cosmetic DNA repair. EPP sales alone this year justify higher prices IMO. I keep re-iterating there are no business orientated expenses this year.

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