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This is a special week for me. I know to a lot of folks here a million dollars is not a big deal, but never in my wildest dreams back in 2008 when I first bought CUV shares did I ever think I would become a net millionaire from my holding. This little kiwi battler only expected to make a few bob or with a bit of luck pay off the mortgage. Well, I could probably pay off a couple of mortgages now!🤣

But more than anything, the feeling that is most satisfying is knowing my conviction was right. Stuck to my guns and saw it through to this point, and yet we truly are only getting started. Cheers to this community! While I’ve been a big pain in the ass in the past and possibly even now, I genuinely appreciate everyone’s contribution and the support this band of brothers (and sisters) provides.

Here’s to the next million! 🍻🍻🍻🤝


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@macgyver I'm originally a Naki man but now in lockdown in Auckland. Spent a year in Melbourne in 1989 to earn some money - flatted with a heap of Irishmen and had to sell my stereo to get a flight back to NZ at the end of the year - good fun though :cool:


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@macgyver Congratulations man! My eldest son married a Kiwi (her Mum’s a full blood). I love the culture “over the ditch”.
I worked, wheeled and dealed all my life to end my days in comfort - succeeded. But now I can see my grandkids off to a good start 😊 Thank you Clinuvel - been a rough ride at times over the last 20 years 😂 - I must say thanks to you folks here also - there have been times when I could have “thrown my hand in” (possibly back when EPT was 90c🤮)
Cheers to all. 😇


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nice to hear your a kiwi I'm a Dunedin boy now in Blenheim.

LIke you I bought in 2008 and hung on only through this forum so thanks to everyone for convincing me to hang on. Only half millionaire ATM but hopefully will a get there soon.

Thankfully don't need to cash out so enjoying the ride and good thing is can't see a better investment.

roll on $100ps👍


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I have no problem with the postponement of the two updates. I appreciate the operational updates a lot and find them very useful. The strategic updates, however, I find odd. In my view, a strategy is for the long term and not something that should be updated regularly. Perhaps there is a firm, long term strategy and it just hasn’t been revealed yet, in which case we’re getting it drip wise, which I would understand when you take competition etc. in to account. But the operational updates still make
most sense IMO. I look very much forward to the next one in October.

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