this is getting sketchy. Billy, I am really starting to believe that you’re a plant. Really, this kind of bashing makes no sense. It’s obvious that ‘Bully’ is trying to damage the stock. Sorry to say, but this is not normal behavior.
I say we all block him!

any here here’s…?


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"These involve the administration of the drug over four months, skin biopsies to assess
UV damage, and the administration of ultraviolent radiation to assess the effect of
erythemal exposure."

In regards to the conversation the other day, it does sound like UV is applied for the XP trial under the new protocol, whereas it wasn't before. I can see why ethics committees would take a while to approve that.


You’re right. Sorry for my emotional reaction. Back to business.
50 million shares and these people think there’s a conspiracy

with 100,000 shares

he’s a pathetic troll

complements to whomever designed this message board
because it was really easy to click on BB’s name and select Ignore! lance the boil !


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@Watene. From a technical point of view i'll give you my take on what's happening here. We didn't breach the $45 level. Resistance. Fair enough. The markets then look to retrace & lets be fair.....we've had a bloody good run the past month. I use Fibonacci levels at times like this. It's amazing how accurate they can be. So where to from here. Next stop is the 38.2% Fib level which stands at 37.70. If that fails the 50% mark is 35.55. Those wanting to know below that is 61.8% at 33.39. I'm not advocating any figure. Watch & wait. But if you're keen 4 more shares those levels may help you.


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We had almost a $2 rise yesterday and today it's almost given that back so back to neutral. Meanwhile Shorty 's position has increased to 3.97% only marginally below the position when we were in the $20s at the start of this run. Maybe Shorty saw today (with the annual report confirming the delays of many 'promised' 2021 milestones) as a good opportunity to try and dig themselves out of a hole by holding onto their legs to pull themselves out.


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No mentioning of the updated study CUV156.
It also seems there are now only 3 product lines

„The first product line offers polychromatic protection for extreme conditions; the second and third product lines aim to provide DNA protection and repair.“

CUV Quote (Yesterday's close)

Time: 4:10PM AEDT
Price: 39.19
Volume: 69444