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@scipio79 this is the battle we all face. Technological advancement isn't going anywhere and isn't slowing down. We need to develop as much intellectually as a society as the technology is to circumvent rights encroachments, while not losing sight of the possible benefits of technological progress.
P.S, I hate the situation we're in with all this. I still haven't used the face i.d on my iPhone, but i guess that's pretty dumb considering they have face i.d cameras in public now.


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Nice one @K-dt147 ASIC have a super computer with the names of all Australians trading. Except those short funds tend to be international and obscure those names by two levels of layering and can always use the excuse "it wasn't me it was the algorithm!".

Closed on low volumes with 9,492 (11% daily vol) in auction with an average Trade size of 79 units. The expected Crossing price moved in the 10 minutes from $39.30 to a high of $39.49 before 3000 extra units were added in the last minute to get a close to VWAP finish, what a surprise

Over the last year, there has been a 75% increase in price on a 50% daily volume increase,
Trade value has increased 8% on falling trade volume size of 40%.
Hi and low on any given day (intraday volatility) has increased ~60% in % terms of closing price on a 200% $ size increase. All very suspicious. Conclusion - algos have a daily party and there is limited correlation of these stats to price.


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Let's hope ASIC has already infiltrated this board. At least they could then see the evidence of yet more "unusual" trading activity presented to them on a plate.


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What I fail to understand, why are drops in SP considered a 'shorter' scheme, and a unexplained rise in SP not? So, devils advocate playing: as being the ASIC; why do you question a SP decline, while you didn't complain with the recent SP rise? Weren't the shorters there as well? Did we check?

I'm starting to become a stuck record: if news comes in, shorters have no room to manipulate, so if you want to complain somewhere, complain at management.

CUV Quote (Yesterday's close)

Time: 4:10PM AEDT
Price: 39.19
Volume: 69444