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After a 7-week run above $40 it’s now been 6 straight week ending closes below $40 and one below $30. A punch in the gut for sure and it may get worse.

However, the numbers don’t lie. Last quarter‘s Receipts was $17,785,000. That was higher than the combined first 2 quarters of FY 21 ($17,275,000). Even if Receipts for this quarter, ending December 31, remain unchanged from last year at $5,260,000 that will still be a 33% YOY increase. More likely it will be 40% plus.

Combine that with some good news, say an AIS trial update or release date for the first OTC, and it won’t be possible to keep driving the price down.


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The algo factor has never been lower than this month. There is no doubt that the SP is controlled downward. Unfortunately, the low volume makes that possible. But that is precisely one of the great opportunities for the future. IF CUV, like its patients, steps out of the shadows and into the light, and the planned indications are monetized, volume will skyrocket and probably stay there. I'm looking forward to that moment. I'm sure Shorty will have a field day with it as well.:cool: I can only hope that it will be achieved in the next 3 years, otherwise I would have massively miscalculated my time horizon. Covid was not foreseeable at the time, but everything shouldn't be blamed on it..


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Interesting to observe the “human emotional response” here on sharetease.
SP goes up = exuberance and discussion of buying supercars, yachts etc. Glorious days and aren’t we clever being on this gravytrain.
SP goes down = “Who, what can we blame. Fuck, I’ve watched my fortunes drop by $200k the last couple of weeks”. Conspiracy theories abound.

Facts = The company is in better shape than ever.
More opportunities than ever. SP falls like the current scenario have happened before. The SP will quite possibly go lower until “good news” If you can it’s a buying opp.
All of the above comments have been made by previous posters. Don’t let the current “cycle” get you down - My only concern is that I will “fall of the perch” 😳 But even if that happens the shares will still be in my family. Enjoy the weekend and just be happy that you woke this morning 😃. I am 🙏


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Did anyone notice the after hour spike from Palatin Technologies? +50%
Yes, some analyst report came out, changing their outlook on the upside from $2 to $5. And supposedly there will be news on the phase II trial results which were conducted to test PL8177 as a late-stage treatment for inflammatory COVID (i.e. ARDS, fibrosis of the lung, etc...).

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