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Yeah, last post of this graph was Wednesday (24th November) last week when SP was $30.45. With closing SP today of $28.77, means drop of 5.5% in just the last 5 trading days. Short position has gone down a smidgen but not much. Shorty in total control of SP :(.

Have to give credit to the bot for keeping the SP movement below the linear trend line, but suspect we will be hitting sub $27 when I post this again next Tuesday.




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CLINUVEL AGM 2021 Online now on youtube:

Right at the end of the agm (1:07) PW says about the 'Short attack' in response to Question on manipulation... so management know its a Short attack underway, everyone on the online forums knows its a short attack but the afr never reports the Short attack they just refer to 'competition' which we all know might appear somewhere near the end of this decade if ever...

When is this clinuvel book coming out it will be interesting to read about the chapters on Short attacks which have been going for 2+yrs, what has the response been to attacks??? they certainly havent achieved a Gamestop or tesla result for investors... oh wait nearly forgot there was an article once that said that clinuvel won against the hedgies..


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What was that meme? "You had one job, Clinuvel!" Well, looks like Palatin is taking up your slack. Good thing I invested in both companies.

Does that explain the recent spike in the Palatin share price?

To my knowledge the Patent Application was only published last year so you’ve gotta give em credit for a rapid award.

The only saving grace from CUV perspective seems to be that the patent applies to a cyclic MCR1 specific agonist, we know Wolgen doesn’t like cyclic (melanocortin) peptides due to safety concerns.




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Several months ago we made our predictions for the end of year share price. At the time the poll was conducted the sp was above $40. Of the 124 responses 110 of us predicted the sp would be $40 or higher (some predicted much higher).

Only 1 vote was cast that the sp would be less than $30. There’s still a month to go, and maybe the sp will end up higher, but I’d be very interested to hear comments from whoever thought the sp would take a dive and why. What’s your crystal ball showing for next year?

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