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@investek I think the huge vote of confidence from an H.C. Wainwright analyst is what sparked the buying frenzy. He was basing his analysis off the up coming DED ph3 trials and the possibility of a positive outcome treating the cytokine storm of COVID. As far as safety, I would think anything that has been seen before (slightly elevated BP in men on systemic formulation for a temporary period) is less a problem than what it may end up treating (i.e. cytokine storm wreaking havoc on the body). Given that cytokine storms tend to lower blood pressure, this side-effect may actually be beneficial.


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@ironbark222 You’d have to wonder at what point would PW step in and make a statement. A reassuring statement outlining proposed dates for readouts would be a start, followed by a confirmation of an OTC release, and God forbid a share buyback. Since it is totally in the realm of possibility that the sp could crater to levels not witnessed in a previous attack e.g. below $10, at some point the responsibility solely becomes PWs. How do you explain to shareholders both retail and institutional that value was allowed to be destroyed without nary a whisper from the managing director? Why was no action taking to reassure shareholders that their lost paper millions is a temporary blip which will rectify itself in the coming 6 months or so? If you are prepared to take credit for value created over the past five years as they ably do in their PRs are you also not responsible for letting it dissolve away? PW holds either two views about the stock: crowing about value created means you don’t think the stock is overvalued, or letting the stock plummet and not saying a word means you don’t think it’s severely undervalued. Nearmap showed some gumption and attempted to put a stop to the fallout from the scurrilous J Capital report, since these shenanigans have been going on for more than two years isn’t it time to take action and put a stop to it to shore up the sp?
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What was that meme? "You had one job, Clinuvel!" Well, looks like Palatin is taking up your slack. Good thing I invested in both companies.

In 2020 it was this press driving the sp:

Spana is one of the smartest conman around. There is one maybe smarter than him but I am not finally sure about that.


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@macgyver I think those of you that despair about the impact of short sellers should possibly consider things from a different perspective. The daily trading of shares has no impact on the intrinsic value of the company. That is the true fundamental value based on what it has done, and the opportunities before it.
The daily share price represents not much more than what individuals are willing to pay or receive for their Clinuvel shares. If (like me) you are likely on the long journey with this company, how is the share price being $10 anything other than an incredible opportunity? If I offered you my shares right now at $10 (and on the proviso you couldn't immediately sell them tomorrow at a profit), I reckon you'd try to make it happen.
You should have your own view on value of this company. If the share price goes below it...try to buy. If it goes materially above it, you should consider the opposite trade.


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@macgyver I find it curious that the share price rockets prior to the AGM and a possible second strike. Yes, it plummeted before the AGM, but only a week prior and many thought us was temporary and to be resolved with a strategic update and good news in general. Whoever is behind the shorting could in theory have more than one agenda. Making money is obviously one agenda, but since they didn’t sell back when the share price was very low, perhaps there is another one, too. Could it be hurting the company and why would that be?

Let’s play with the thought that someone was successful in propping up the share price after the positive quarterly using that as a launch pad. For sure, a high share price is nice going into an AGM, but then let’s play with another thought. Along comes the shenanigan shorter who doesn’t like to see the company shine and who may even like to see a second strike. They launch a successful short attack but too late, and the company avoids a second strike although it was close. But what would happen today, if the AGM was next week? So much paper value destroyed. Are shareholders still willing to give them a pass, or would a second strike happen today?

With so much blatant short manipulation going on, a news vacuum and no help in sight from management, this is the perfect playing field for those who are not wishing the company well.

For a loyal shareholder it’s super frustrating and it’s difficult not to succumb to colorful conspiracy theories.


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I know that the environment is a bit mental over there on the Yahoo chat but someone’s claiming this re short selling:

“On the 24 Sept CUV closed at $43.26 Short position closed at 1,837,311 3.72%

On the 25 Nov CUV closed at $30.55 Short position closed at 2,333,142 4.72%

Shorty sold 1.00% of CUV, dropping the share price to $12.71 on a total of 495,831 shares shorted.

The share price fall over this period is not a short-seller attack.

Over 44 trading days, 495,831 were added to the short number or an extra 11,296 shares per trading day.

Most of the share price fall is shareholders selling out of the stock.

A Clinuvel share buyback would not take the share price back above $40. Shorty is now cashed up and could easily crush a 30 million dollar share buyback. Likely taking the share price under $20.

Any panic move by Clinuvel will take the share price lower.”


CUV Quote (Yesterday's close)

Time: 10:39AM AEDT
Price: 22.43
Volume: 39346