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Happy New Year


I have launched a new Pharma & Biotech stock forum.

You may use this thread to comment about this change. Or simply go to the new website and signup. But, any Clinuvel discussion should be directed to the new forum.

Q: What exactly is happening?
A: I’m starting a new forum dedicated to Pharma & Biotech stocks. It will not be Clinuvel focussed. It will not be ASX focussed. This is the beginning of a bigger plan.

Q: Why?
A: For several reasons, but the main ones are:

1. To have a dedicated worldwide Pharma and Biotech stock forum.
2. To reset the community and inject new and better code of conduct policies.
3. The new site has dark mode. :cool:

Q: Why not upgrade and expand sharetease?
The reason I’m not upgrading sharetease is to:

A: Reduce the singular focus on Clinuvel by starting over with a new domain name.
B: Bring organization and structure that sharetease lacks. There will also be a succession plan in case I get hit by a bus.
C: Improve my code of conduct and moderation approach to ensure longevity and balance that is missing from sharetease.

Q: What about code of conduct and moderation approach will change?
1. Moderators will have more latitude to clamp down on company slander. This is content that is crosses a legal line for both poster and website.
2. I plan to take a slightly harder stance against institutional downward manipulation (not that there is much anyway).

The new official code of conduct policies will come in about a week over at

3. Moderating sharetease can be labor intensive and I am limited to the built in tools of the forum software. I’ve always had a higher vision for programming custom tools, but sharetease was never the place to invest in building these tools.

Q: What else is changing (besides dark mode)?
1. An official mechanism for company representatives to post. And with user flare to identify their status.
2. Per stock moderators.
3. Programmatic tools to strongly root out users with multiple accounts and users using ip masking techniques.
4. Custom code for people to vote if a certain post feels like a manipulation. Some of these metrics may be public, but most will start out silent. I have a lot of plans around this.
5. Record of stock price at time of posting, time left in trading day, etc…
6. User agreement that will be more dynamic and more forced in front of you for review if mistakes are made.

Q: Will the old sharetease posts be imported into the new forum?
A: Sharetease archive will NOT be imported to the new forum.

Essentially, sharetease is now:
-Frozen in time.
-Only accessible to logged in users.
-Mostly only useful for the messaging system to talk privately about new usernames.

The Clinuvel archive is hidden but available upon request for research purposes.

Q: What about the research forum posts?
The research forum is another story. Unfortunately at this time, the research forum at is not ready for user posting. I’m experimenting with different styles for research forum. This will affect every new stock that is added going forward, so I’m not rushing it.

Q: What about usernames? Will my likes and post counts be imported?
A: Nothing will be imported. You are free to make a new username. I will not be using johnnytech.

Q: Can I use my same sharetease username?
A: Yes. You may choose to recreate your old username, or start fresh and rebrand yourself.

If you make a new username, and you find someone has stolen your old username, let me know and I will deal with it swiftly.

Q: Can I talk about what poster’s old usernames might be?
A: After you join pharmainvestor, you are free to announce your old username. But DO NOT talk about sharetease usernames publicly. I don’t want the forum filled up early with accusations of, “Hey, you are XYZ from sharetease”.

I will delete without warning any public post that asks someone else, or accuses, or just mentions someone else of being a former username. And I will restrict your account. Give people a chance to reinvent themselves please.

You are free to use the messaging system here on sharetease to discuss usernames privately.

Again, you are free to announce your old username yourself or even put it in your signature temporarily.
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Dear Clinuvel,

I have always known your user accounts, and have kept my promise to keep them secret. But going forward on, there is a new policy.

Company employees are not allowed to make accounts without identifying themselves to me. This applies to all companies and their representatives. The purpose is clear. Company accounts will have a banner that identifies them as a company representative. The identity behind the account is considered private, but the account itself will have a banner that makes it known to everybody which company they represent (only on postings).

The account will NOT BE KNOWN to other users as a company representative until that account posts a message. There is no way for any user to know what account has this employee banner unless they have super admin privileges. Not even future moderators have access to this info. If you react to a post with a like, it is also safe.

Please register with your company email address.

This is deliberate for the following reasons.

1. To legitimize companies posting on I imagine a future where companies will have quarterly Q&As (AMAs). Or a company will respond publicly to clarify concerns. The purpose here is to remove the stigma of posting on forums by mandating and enforcing a registration policy.

2. By raising the bar of acceptable user conduct for companies as well.

This new policy is not for you, but applies to you. I created this policy in preparation of other companies that are more likely to participate.

Lastly, the forthcoming code of conduct guidelines will be dynamic. If you have some suggestions, I welcome your input. You know how to reach me. Good luck in 2024.
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Dr Wally

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JT, How long does it take for account confirmation to occur? @ new website?…….. Or not? 😬
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@Dr Wally right now there are five accounts waiting for the user to click on the confirmation email. Maybe one of those is yours. Send me a PM here.

Also, one of those 5 usernames has an emoji in the username, which would probably break the system. Is that yours?

Texas T

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JT, How long does it take for account confirmation to occur? @ new website?…….. Or not? 😬
My confirmation email went to my spam folder. People should check their spam folders if the confirmation email doesn't appear in 10 minutes or so.