Compilation of suggestions so far.


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Countdown timer:
- TGA Decision
- Financial releases ( Quarterlies etc)
- PW stepping aside in two years time

Patents thread
Scientific research thread
Missed targets thread (e.g VP trial, Cosmetics, CUV 011 trial results, third indication)
Performance rights thread
Share Counter: Anonymous total count of shares of members and corresponding voting power
Exchange rates widget
Announcement calendar
General off-topic forum
Clinuvel Wikipedia style repository for all the above except for countdown timer
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Thank you! What I meant specifically was taking all the pictures of 2020 events from investek and transpose those to text so I can copy and paste into a widget. This is good too though.

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"either the Nasdaq Biotech Index or ASX Healthcare Index for 1 quarter"

Seriously. Fuck these guys. They're going to compare themselves to a biotech index in a foreign market where they're afraid to list?


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I am a long time share holder. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?? I have been waiting for this company to come good for it seems like an eternity...Epitan days! After FDA approval and it hit AUS$45 I thought ...Thank you God! But alas....we are back to AUS$21.........Is anyone game enough to predict when this share price might get going again?

CUV Quote (Yesterday's close)

Time: 4:10PM AEDT
Price: 29.39
Volume: 79920