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Of course, I always go to the root source to form my own opinion on the subject. I found this interview that Eric Clapton did ... upon which those stories above were based. If we do not stand up against this kind of thing, we soon will not be able to research on our own as sources such as this will be cancelled. Even still, you have to dig to find the real truth. His interview is eye opening ... pls watch the video if you are interested.

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Everyone that I know who’s had a vaccine is doing ok. I don’t doubt for a second there are people having adverse reactions to various vaccines. And admittedly, I’m wary of numbers posted by authorities in various countries. However, from a public health point of view I believe the government has prerogative to look after the greater good, and on top of that there are people out there trying to do good work regarding vaccines and other public health measures. Interesting when you look at how stark the contrast between different cultures is, some Asian cultures as an example tend towards a harmonious environment and will mostly accept directions from their government. Americans on the other hand are fiercely independent, and want the right to choose.

Having lived through one of the world’s longest if not the longest lockdown, as arduous as it was I thought it was a necessary measure. By the end of it people were fatigued and the day of freedom couldn’t come any sooner. But ultimately, the govt made the decision it thought was best to save lives, and I can’t begrudge them that at all. I leave the following as part of my ‘philosophy’, but it is not meant as a slight to anyone here:

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@endymion96 The question regarding benefit of previous infection is a very good one, quite simply I think that the Boffins are still trying to understand the level of immunity within an individual over time. I've been doing this T&T role for just over a year. In that time I have only been able to prove that 3 people have had Covid at least twice. I have had 20 times that claiming to have had it twice but not able to be proved. The U.K has an antibody testing program to try and understand that very question. Both from a vaccination process and actually having the virus apparently it shows a different response.
The difficulty with individual cases is that they can be highlighted and made to represent the norm', which it isn't. Governments can and will only work on the statistical benefit to the area/Country of concern, again, they can only be guided by the boffins interpreting the data, both forecasting and actual.
I missed replying my thoughts regarding Victoria in Oz, on face value the Premier, Dan Andrews is a power mad egotistical ass, but I'm not there, I don't see it, feel the effect of it so I chose not to make comment until I have a good sit down and a beer or 10 with those that did :ROFLMAO:
The 4th proven case of someone having contracted Covid twice today. Only 6 months between infections. Case hadn't been vaccinated first time around, had symptoms. Since then has been double jabbed with Phzyer and felt that the symptoms were worse this time around. The indicating symptom for the this particular was a metallic taste on both occasions.


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@macgyver I totally understand both points of view ... so I always look towards the latest data to guide my current thoughts. In the US, as you may know, we have 50 states all independent of each other (at least regarding this issue which is not a federal one). Some states are more authoratarian in their approach and some are more liberal (in the classical sense of the word). If there was some benefit gained towards the full lockdown, always wear masks approach, it surely would have shown up in the data by now. But it hasn't. The states that took the more liberal approach and stood on the side of free choice are, on balance, no better or worse off than the states who went full tyranny mode. In the process though, the states that went full tyranny mode destroyed jobs and livelihoods of millions of people. So we have to contantly re-evaluate the situation when we are faced with unknowns. In my mind, the unknowns are now known. We now know which direction was the correct one to take which did the least damage to the citizens.

Even in the face of a pandemic, the human being will always strive to be free. In Europe now, especially Germany and Austria you will see what happens when people are pushed too far I think. Massive demonstrations are occurring. And its not that people are anti-vax, they are anti-mandate. There is a difference. We live in interesting times. Its great to have a discussion like this here.


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@Chookplucker This thing is not going away sadly. I have a friend (never vaxxed) who was infected about a year ago. She said she just had her antibodies checked for work last week and they were still good. Higher than the lady who was doing the checking ... and who had been vaccinated! Yet because she is a federal worker, if she is not fully vaxxed by Jan 4th, she will be fired? Common sense says this is morally wrong.
@endymion96 I too am enjoying this debate/conversation, chat.
There have been some interesting single occasions of people and their circumstance. There is a company that has developed an antibody test which gives results in a few minutes.
The reporter that did the interview, vaccinated and also had Covid in June ran a test, the 'natural immunity' had waned and was less than the vaccine induced immunity. So the individual isn't the norm, it is that broad statistical average and that is all that Governments can work with.
The above is a link to a Dr who died, vaccinated, due a booster but not taken, very sad tale indeed as the man gave so much to help others but unable to help himself.
I watched the video with Eric C, it was interesting but it was just his story, his experience.

The U.K Government has enabled covid to spread, there are minimal restrictions. I live in an area where we now have the highest rates in the country, my role is to speak to people who are confirmed positive. Most people have mild symptoms, they vary within the household, I could not tell a person how it will manifest over time. Most people that I speak who have had very strong symptoms have not been vaccinated, some still choose not, some will pursue the vaccine. It is also true that many vaccinated people have had strong symptoms. Statistically, there are fewer people in hospital, fewer people paying the ultimate price. For me, that is what I look at regarding what works and what doesn't.
I'm not a Policeman but I do recommend that they research carefully and will give pointers to find information.
Regarding the riots in Europe, no doubt driven by that loss of freedom but what is a government to day if the health is facing potential collapse ? Just to add, the media has a huge part in portraying an accurate picture of what is happening within each country.


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Yep, more mutations, more badness. The current crop of vaccines will not cut the mustard. Governments around the world BETTER switch their focus to early treatment with safe and effective repurposed drugs if they want to head this nasty wave off at the pass. There have been trials of new vaccines happening, so we may see them in about 4-6 months.

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