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. There have been trials of new vaccines happening, so we may see them in about 4-6 months.
The quote from the U.K P.M was 100 days a new vaccine could be re purposed from the existing, I have no doubt that there has been a lot work in expectation of this.
Early December, the new variant has taken hold, view is that it will be the dominant strain within the next couple of weeks. Big question is, what is the impact ?
U.K goes back into a series of restrictions but they aren't serious restrictions to stop the potential spread, there is however a ruling party backlash.
It would not surprise me if the prime Minister is changed in the next few months, a number of 'issues' have arisen which may erode public confidence in the Public Health message.
Case is rate is in the 50k plus each day at the moment, hospital rates and death rates remain steady, it will be the next 7-14 days to see if those rates change.
I am amazed at the willingness of the British public to test, it certainly enables the virus to be visible within the population but without a doubt the weariness is beginning to show.
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@IntiRaymi The statement of secondary infection not being an issue is not correct from my perspective. The incidence is not high, agreed, certainly very possible and symptomatic. I question the vaccine related deaths, especially when associated with single cases that are highlighted. There is a yellow box page on the .gov website which enables the public to record side effects, this is not media affected. Myarcyditus is also an affect of covid 19, statistically, you are more likely to have a severe issue with covid than you are with a vaccination. The presentation of statistics is very skewed to 'actuals' rather than against the overall population. The argument is well represented, I deal with actual cases and the majority are fine but deal with the parent who is so concerned with their child that they call an ambulance and time is spent in hospital, the child wasn't vaccinated. People have a choice, for those that don't get vaccinated, should they be able to access the care that they may need ahead of those that need other treatments ? Very big questions. I still have the other half of the video to watch....
I stopped watching when Hydroxychloroquine was spoken about, the study was retracted. It is so important to stay on facts regarding Covid. I deal with people who have tested positive and relay their experience, I've had to speak to the relatives, only to discover the case has passed away, I've had to make emergency calls for cases who need immediate treatment, the majority of calls are for symptomatic people who will recover, some may have on-going symptoms (long Covid) as well as the cases who have no symptoms and tested purely because a relative either was in close contact of a positive case or tested by routine. I have no vested interest in covid other than it is slowing me down to be able to do the things that I would like to doing, traveling and seeing people that I haven't seen in far too long.


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Why did you stop watching? He brought up at the end the Lancet hydroxychloroquine paper that was fraudulent. The underlying story to this interview is that HIS paper alongside Jessica Rose showing the damage done by the vaccines which was peer reviewed and accepted by Elsevier and then cited in the National library of medicine and widely acknowledged was then withdrawn without reason by Elsevier. That is a huge red flag and just one example out of many that make it obvious that there’s clearly some massive coercive promotion behind the vaccine push that’s being forced so hard on us all.

These along with many others from the interview are the facts that are important to stay on as you say. The data aren’t controversial. They’re all from VAERS. A lot of the adverse vaccine events and deaths are also estimated to be under reported so we’re looking at very conservative numbers. McCullough makes a point of mentioning how when filling out VAERS data entries one is reminded at every stage of the legal ramifications of entering fraudulent data

These vaccines are flawed in their design, we have no idea of their long term consequences and they have no liability attached to them for those suffering from adverse events/death. In no way should we be allowing the massive coercion behind them especially as it pertains to any form of mandate or the slightest suggestion that children should be getting them. It’s disgraceful.

Regarding your earlier message:

“People have a choice, for those that don't get vaccinated, should they be able to access the care that they may need ahead of those that need other treatments?”

It should be clear at this stage that many people DON’T have a choice. A mandate does not produce a choice.

And if we’re getting philosophical, should someone who was vaccinated and ends up with an adverse event, or covid even, be able to receive treatment ahead of someone who conscientiously chose not to vaccinate, takes extreme care of themselves making smart lifestyle choices so as not to end up with severe covid symptoms but has another ailment? Again very big questions as you said

I’m not trying to antagonise here but i think you’re off the mark especially when you mention “staying on facts”. The problem with this whole situation is the facts are being obscured by many media outlets and so much of this is political capture mostly by some perverse incentives and the scientific method has gone out the window.


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Comprehensive and accessible video made by some concerned Canadian doctors. It’s extremely thorough and one of the best summaries on the subject I’ve seen so far.

@IntiRaymi Any argument against the covid vaccine in adults I won't bother looking at, as for children I'm not so sure but if there is a thought that the governments of the World that approved it's use haven't given due consideration to its use and potential affect, I find hard to believe. Given the overall volume of vaccine delivered worldwide I haven't seen anything that says there is an issue. This a world Pandemic, not just the Western Nations that have access to information from all sorts who wish to push their own agenda.
@Johnny H There is a fair chance you Omicron ?
I watched the Christmas Lectures, produced by the BBC, presented by Jonathan Van Tam, he is the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the U.K. All about Virus's, vaccines, how and why they work. Presented in a very simple and understandable way, which suits me fine :ROFLMAO: He is a specialist in Influenza , started on swine flu, all those many years ago.

Just to add, repeat infections are rising and quickly, 3 for my cases in the last 3 days. Likely to have been Delta followed by Omicron but not proven.
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Probably Omicron. Highly infections, and mild, just like a cold. Everyone at my family Christmas has it now, and we took precautions.

Although it's highly unnecessary, I'm taking each of my young children in for a PCR test. I want a record that they've had Covid and recovered.


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@IntiRaymi Any argument against the covid vaccine in adults I won't bother looking at, as for children I'm not so sure but if there is a thought that the governments of the World that approved it's use haven't given due consideration to its use and potential affect, I find hard to believe.
You should probably rethink that statement. Do you know who the inventor of Remdesivir is? It is Dr. Ralph Baric of UNC at Chappel Hill (Univ of North Carolina). Why is this important? Do you know what else Dr. Baric was working on at UNC? Do you know who his collaborative partner was at the time? Dr. Baric was working on gain-of-function experiments whilst studying bat coronaviruses with Dr. Shi Zhangli. Dr. Zhengli is the infamous bat-lady of Wuhan. She moved the operation to the Wuhan Institute of Virology after their experiemnting was shut down by the Obama administration because it was deemed too dangerous. I can go on and fill in more details, but the point is ... do you really trust your government? Any government? lol, don't be so naive.

The esteemed Dr. Fauci pushed Remdesivir as soon as it was approved by the FDA. Since you are in the health field let me tell you this, Remdesivir is garbage. It never worked. In fact, it has a bad side-effect. It causes liver damage. Yet to this day it is still the "standard-of-care" for late-stage COVID. In fact, they still use it for early-stage COVID. Why? So I ask again, why would I trust the "government" when the people behind these choices that affect all of us are not without motive. Now reflect back and ask yourself, why do you think the "great" Dr. Fauci pushed for the acceptance of Remdesivir so hard and tanked HCQ and Ivermectin in the media? The answer is not because he cared about our health and well-being.

There is a new drug called Aviptadil. Its a slightly tweaked naturally occurring peptide, not unlike our beloved afamelanotide. Safety, discovered 20 years ago. Trialed on humans many, many times. Safety record is perfect, even the latest safety board review in December uncovered no new issues. This drug pulled 18 out of 21 people back from the dead, on ventilators with late-stage Covid. They were first given Remdesivir because it was the "standard-of-care". After that attempt failed, they were given aviptadil, improved, were extubated and lived. Yet in November, the FDA said wait, we must have more data ... sorry but what more data do you need when there is no other option? Remdesivir is your standard of care? Really. That's fucking nuts. People are dying because the FDA needs more data. Of course there are on-going trials being conducted. Over 400 people on these trials ... but for the FDA to NOT grant EUA at this point is ludicris. So no ... I don't trust the government. Not when the people making the decisions have OBVIOUS conflicts of interests and/or may be involved in the worst global catastrophe cover-up of all time.

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