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Plot twist. I've repeatedly tested negative while the rest of my family is sick. Very confusing. My covid infected kids are coughing directly into my face. I was 100% certain that my test would come back positive too.

So... I went in for a blood test.

Turns out, I've already had covid, and didn't know it. That's why I'm not getting sick.
Interesting re the test without realising the previous positive.
Within the Local Authority that I'm working for, the re infection rate is increasing rapidly. I was at 8 proven in the week after Christmas, I've stopped counting now. The shortest length of time is about 5 weeks, late November to the week between Xmas and New Year, both times symptomatic, both times the initial test was an LFT which was also being used between infections and showing negative. The case was secondary school age.
I read somewhere that the rate of re infection in London was around 15%
The repeat case I think had Delta first followed by Omicron but I have no way of proving that.
While the case rate is going through the roof the Hospital rate isn't climbing as quickly but it is climbing. 10 days ago it was under 10,000, it is now over 17,000. The Death rate is also starting to increase, again at a far slower rate. We wait to see if it gathers momentum.

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