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@macgyver Going of the Covid business now, the CUV price has become a little entertaining :ROFLMAO:! The U.K has paused AZ vaccine roll out to the under 30's, so I never stood a chance ! I'm week 3 now, no issues so I believe we are past the point of concern. I see the AZ Boss is hiding in Oz....
We have the luxury in Australia of having other options with only a delay of time needed to implement them with little immediate health concerns from COVID that would offset this. I'm sure India, PNG or Brazil would soak up every single AZ dose they could get with gratitude.
Interestingly, most countries that have got their vaccine program running are running with at least 2 options most with more. U.K has Phyz' and AZ with Moderna starting next week. There are trials running for a nasal spray version to cover those that are petrified of needles. As I'm aware at this stage the western world has AZ, PHZ, Moderna, J&J approved Then there are 2 Russian and 2 Chinese types. All are in use somewhere. Re Brazil, something has gone badly wrong there as they ran major trials for the AZ version so one would think that there would be some sort of preference, similarly with South Africa.

U.K data is showing a clear benefit of vaccination against hospitalization and death. Israel seems to be very similar . Chile, I think, was having a bit of wobble. Not sure about the UAE. These are the areas which have the biggest rollout against total population.
Back on covid stuff;), its' the weekend !
I had forgotten Novavax. Denmark stopping the AZ till further notice. U.S stops the J&J till further evaluation which may flow into the AZ vaccine. J&J put on hold any distribution into the E.U.
Someone earlier, perhaps on the main CUV thread posted about the risk of blood clots from other products IE the Pill, anti inflammatory drugs etc. The U.K has a 'yellow card' reporting system on the which results are published weekly, shows trends etc.
I do have to question some of the thinking behind the decision making, is it the press scrutiny, public scrutiny ? This article has not been published, so no scrutiny as yet, interesting though.
No doubt this whole clot scenario highlights the risk of getting drugs to market in a quick fashion, never been any risk of that with CUV:)
The J&J vaccine was meant to be a bit of a game changer as it was just 1 shot. They are trialling a mix of vaccine here in the U.K, ie AZ first then Moderna for the second jab. Also a trial to run the flu jab with a covid jab, which says that they are looking long term , years.
@Johnny H There are 2, page 6 Generex, not that interesting but page 1 United Biomedical is very interesting, there are traits of peptide being used in their Alzheimer's product but not specified, at least not from what I have read so far.
I have a curiosity regarding nano particles, a couple going down that route.


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As many of you seem to have extensive and in-depth medical know-how, it would be great to have your opinion on the following questions:

- How likely do you think potential long-term risks of mRNA vaccines (Moderna/Pfizer) are?
- On the other hand, do you think there might be long-term risks of the virus itself (when not being vaccinated)?
- Do you think that the fast-track vaccine development (approx. 1 year) leads to higher risks compared to usual vaccine developments (approx. 10 years)?

Frankly speaking, I am still cautious about getting one of the vaccines injected at this time, as the potential risks of the vaccine (at least imho, 28 years old, without medical know-how) seem higher than those of the virus at this time. But I'm open for constructive discussions and open to change my mind :) Thanks in advance!

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My SIL was at the Biogen conference in Feb 2020. She caught covid there, and brought it home to her family. She still isn't 100% a full year later. The risk of scarring in the lungs and heart is very real.

I think the longest term risk of mRNA vaccines is that they might not be as effective as attenuated vaccines.
@Alexius I'm not a medical specialist, not even close ! But, to endeavor to give some info regarding 'long covid', it is a very real situation with a bit over 1 million people in the U.K reporting symptoms after the intial 4 week period that it is generally accepted one should have fully recovered. My experience has come from working on the Track and Trace program, so dealing with live cases which is why I have taken an interest.
There is lots of info on the web regarding vaccines, my view is that any long term issues aren't known yet, for that very reason, they haven't been in circulation for long. Statistically they appear to be effective but the data is under constant review.
Thoughts for consideration:
If you don't have the vaccine, could it impact anyone close to you, friends, family etc.
I believe that there is a test regarding susceptibility to the AZ & J&J vaccine and the blood clot issue, discuss with your G.P. The understanding of the possible cause has not been proved conclusively yet.
The longer that Covid in its current forms spreads, the greater the chance of mutation with the potential that the current cohort of vaccines become ineffective.
Do you have any underlying health conditions that may make you more at risk. Likewise those friends and family around you.
Lastly, I have never seen such a concerted effort by the worlds governments to do something about the pandemic, not saying that they have got it right.
Statically, you are in an age group that should be least affected, that is a fact. My experience with those that I have spoken in the T&T role reflects that but there are occasions when I speak to younger people who are clearly suffering , it is a bit of a lottery.

The Spanish Flu pandemic lasted 2 years, no vaccine, little understanding, I just want it under control.
For those interested. The mob that worked with AZ to develop the vaccine are looking to list on the Nasdaq. I'm behind on this as only saw another article today.
The MIL ( Mother in Law) had her 2nd jab, AZ, all good. She does suffer from short term memory loss which may have been a blessing ! given my scenario but I'm just a 'jessie' !

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