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@Johnny H , you are well ahead of the game. The U.K is at 38 year old + now but they are trying to contain the Indian variant in areas so offering to 18 year olds+. The issue now is very much about controlling the variants so they aren't able to get to a point that the vaccines aren't able to work.
@Verharven I think I was a tad like that:sick: then just the jab point for a few days after, buggered if I can make head or tail of why it affects folk in different ways as it does. There is some work going on in the U.K to better understand the effects but little or nothing published as yet...

Johnny H

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Normally, I would have "waited my turn" as far as having my 12 year vaccinated. After all, it was only authorized a few days ago, and he's extremely low risk.

However, when I went to the pharmacy website, they had dozens of appointments that day.

As far as I'm concerned, if there are any vaccines left on the shelf at the end of the day, it's a policy failure, so I went ahead and took one of the appointments.
A county just up the road lost 1100 odd doses due to a freezer failure, so totally agree, take any opportunity possible. The U.K is trying to conduct the roll out on a national scale, I am getting an impression the U.S is not ?
The change of tact with the 18+is very much about trying to control the spread of the variant. The U.K is due to go into its next stage of un-lock on the 17th May which is likely to happen. The next few weeks will be interesting , I expect the case count to rise but the key will the hospitalisation which is very low at the moment. The final un-lock is forecast for 21st June, gawd help us !

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The roll out here is pretty much done. Anyone who wants the vaccine can get it that day. Really, the only excuse right now is laziness (my lazy older brother just got his first shot last week).

I have friends from Canada who are flying in to get it. They land, go straight to the pharmacy, and either go home and come back in 3 weeks or stay and make it a vacation.

The pandemic here in California is over. Completely over. I'm going to 2 different hotels this weekend, and taking the youngest kid to Disneyland on Tuesday. I'll only wear a mask where required.
So the U.K has just reduced the 12 week wait for jab 2 to 8 weeks for the 'Badgers' (over 50's) I fit that category :ROFLMAO:Which means I need to prep for:sick: and potential sore arm, again !
The headache for some States in the U.S is the take up, some offering lottery style wins and others meal deal type prizes.
So the Indian variant is thought to be more transmissible than the current dominant strain but it is yet to be proved conclusively.
Just looking at the roles that are being advertised in the U.K , it would appear that they are looking ahead not only to the conclusion of this pandemic but any subsequent ones. There is a particular focus on this Autumn and development of anti virals. My take on this is that the government is expecting another wave and are looking to keep everything open and deal with the cases as they arise. The key numbers are the hospitalisations, that will lead to a higher death rate.
My role on the National T&T program has finished now as all tracing is done via local authorities which is as it should be.
Ultimately, very much of the view that until the world is sorted by vaccine or good treatment each country is going to remain isolated regarding general tourist movement. The U.K generated a 'Green' list that people could go to, subject to testing conditions, proper bollocks as half won't let anyone in ! Israel is a bit of a no go, Gibralter (used to have the highest ratio of pubs to population in the 80's) is a possibility, Portugal, maybe but the faff to go, then come back. All the rest are for sheep shaggers or they won't let you in !
I feel better for that :ROFLMAO:
( A few beers were consumed during the production of the above, it is Friday )


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@Chookplucker I know there’s a lot of discreet sheep shagging that goes on in the UK, that’s why you’ve set up next to a paddock full of them🤣 No surprise NZ made the green list, home is where the heart is eh?🤣🤣


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Well look at that, looks like you’ve got them coming back for more. You even scratched a couple of them you rough bugger🤣🤣
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