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Jab 2, done, now to wait and see if there are consequences... :sick:
As an aside, I don't think there was enough booze consumed between Thursday and Friday last week, could there be a more concerted effort this week, please !🍾
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So G7 is running just down the road from me. Fortunately far enough away not to be a headache, anyone who has driven on Cornish roads will understand.
There are a few protests, only day 1, will watching the case load down here as I'm back on the T&T job :ROFLMAO:, Local Authority this time.
1 billion doses proffered to the world, half from the U.S.A, 100 million from the U.K and 100 million from the E.U, balance from others. A bit of a disappointing effort by the E.U.
The U.K case numbers are rising, mostly Delta (Indian) variant, thought to be 60% more transmissible than the Alpha (Kent) variant. Hospitalisatian is increasing but not by a great deal. That will be the figure to watch over the next few weeks.
@Johnny H How is the U.S ? I take it that each state runs its own program, vaccination, social distancing controls and the like. Are there some areas that are worse than others ?
Oz seems to be going down the road of absolute control, lockdowns with any movement in cases.
Israel seems to be in a good place.
U.K, cases are rising, quite steeply but the hospital rate is climbing far more slowly. Cases are majority amongst the age group not vaccinated yet 18-27. Everyone 18+ will be able to book a jab from tomorrow. The final un-lock has been pushed back by 4 weeks to enable the vaccination program to capture the majority of the adult population.
I think I'm beginning to view this as a diary, which I hope in the not so distant future I can re read and think 'really!'

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@Chookplucker It's entirely open in CA. Yesterday, I went to the beach with a group of about 45 people to play volleyball and drink beer. Made a trip to the grocery store, and then out to dinner with my wife, all without wearing a mask.

Meanwhile, my parents took my kids out to the Dodger game. Attendance 44,000.

I keep hearing about delta and delta plus, but it doesn't seem to matter here.
I was just reading the daily case numbers on worldmeters, India no1 followed by the U.K. In the U.K we are due to fully open on the 19th July, most if not all restrictions lifted and the last venues able to open which is basically Nightclubs, casinos. Everything is open but on a reduced capacity.
Back in January, when the U.K was on similar case numbers approx' 1 in 60 were going to hospital now it is 1 in a 1000.
The dominant variant in the U.K is now the Delta. There have been a few cases of the Delta + but they are supposedly contained.
The U.K F1 race is due to 120,000 people, it isn't a stadium so the people can be spread. I believe the finals for the Euro Soccor will be at close to full capacity, 60-70k. Remains to be seen the effect.
I'm now contact tracing for a local authority. Most cases have typical cold/flu type symptoms , most of the cases are children through to Uni' students which then take it home, some of the parents develop but it is a few days away before the true impact is felt.
I'm not speaking to really ill people. The demographic is skewed toward an older average person (I'm one of them :ROFLMAO: ) Most of whom have now been vaccinated.
The regional hospitals aren't under pressure as they were early in the year.
I don't get it, the U.S.A Vaccine rate as a whole is slipping at the moment but the case rate is bugger all. There are plenty in hospital, perhaps the treatment is better ?
Overall, the world data seems a little B.S ish, perhaps it is a lag in the data to the actual situation.
Some Euro countries are requiring that U.K tourists are either fully vaccinated or go into a 14 day quarantine.
Still, a constantly evolving situation, cept I can't travel as I would like too.
U.K announces booster vaccine program from September 2021 for over 70's NHS workers and all those most vulnerable. The U.K runs a Flu jab program in Autumn so it will be Covid in one arm, flu in the other. Nice to see the CUV price rise, interesting interview with the Chair, no comment, yet.
U.K has announced that from 19/07/21 all social distancing restrictions will be lifted, nightclubs able to re open at full capacity. Masks not required. It is to be confirmed on the 12/07/21.
The daily case count has been over 20 thousand for over a week now, hospital rates are increasing but at a far slower rate.
Review of the testing regime, particularly in schools, announcements to be made today. Currently schools operate 'bubbles', if there is a confirmed case within the 'bubble', everyone needs to isolate for 10 days, longer should symptoms or+test result ensue. It is rumored that should a + occur then everyone in the 'bubble' can daily test and keep going to school and if a positive test is returned then go into isolation.
I am surprised at how many people I am now speaking to who have been double jabbed and tested + and feeling quite poorly, to the point they don't want to talk.
The U.K has had just under 5 million confirmed cases, lets double, no triple it for those who have been asymptomatic, 15 million out of a 68 million population, the potential is huge for this to go out of control very quickly.
The new Health Minister is saying possibly 100,000 cases a day, contact tracing will be futile as the resource isn't in place to deal with those sorts of numbers.
A lot of people are displaying Hayfever type symptoms, headaches are far more frequent. Given that the headline symptoms of Temperature, cough or loss off taste or smell haven't changed, it is often not appreciated that other symptoms can be a sign of covid.

Short and tall, if the U.K goes ahead, it will be the litmus test for vaccination programs, another make or break moment for Boom, Boom Johnson.


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It’s a shame we’re so fragile as a species nowadays. Both psychologically and physiologically.

We’re either so metabolically damaged and inflamed that we become susceptible to this which among healthy populations (of which there are so few in number nowadays) doesn’t appear to bring many, if any, symptoms or we’re so psychologically susceptible to the hysteria about it that we now fear other people, outside and during the day even though there is no compelling evidence that it spreads well outside. In fact I’ve seen more convincing evidence to the contrary.

There also appears to be a certain intellectual laziness among the masses who will only consume unquestioned the messages of mainstream channels. Especially when they hear them then parrot ‘cases’. The term ‘case’ in medical parlance means a disease plus symptoms. A positive test result on its own does not a ‘case’ make. It means just a positive test result. And these tests and their analyses, whether it’s PCR or rapid antigen lateral flow etc are highly flawed. Could be a false positive, could be that someone has it but is asymptomatic (not ill) and so where’s the problem? I don’t believe that asymptomatic people are a problem. I also bet MANY have come into contact with this thing and either dealt with it with their innate immune systems or generated an adaptive immune response which is protective going forward. This is the real herd immunity.

Worse still is the poor advice thrown out by the media/government mouthpieces and the silencing of discussion of anything that goes against the mainstream narrative. The de-platforming of some of the most rational critical thinking minds is a terrible sign. It appears the Scientific Method is out the window and authoritarianism is the new thing

I’m sickened most by the prospect of governments forcing their citizens to get jabbed with experimental substances so they can have access to things such as travel etc. If this happens I really hope there will be enough of us to push back effectively

As you can tell I’m NOT a fan of the tyrannical response some governments have had to this. In fact I’m quite disgusted which is a rare reaction for me as I’m genuinely pretty zen about most things.

Anyway, that’s my ‘complaint allotment’ used up for the week. Keep moving forward..

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