Covid Vaccine

Jab 2, done, now to wait and see if there are consequences... :sick:
As an aside, I don't think there was enough booze consumed between Thursday and Friday last week, could there be a more concerted effort this week, please !🍾
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So G7 is running just down the road from me. Fortunately far enough away not to be a headache, anyone who has driven on Cornish roads will understand.
There are a few protests, only day 1, will watching the case load down here as I'm back on the T&T job :ROFLMAO:, Local Authority this time.
1 billion doses proffered to the world, half from the U.S.A, 100 million from the U.K and 100 million from the E.U, balance from others. A bit of a disappointing effort by the E.U.
The U.K case numbers are rising, mostly Delta (Indian) variant, thought to be 60% more transmissible than the Alpha (Kent) variant. Hospitalisatian is increasing but not by a great deal. That will be the figure to watch over the next few weeks.

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