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@Johnny H Very true re PCR testing, hence, policy here is to stop any testing for 90 days once a + is PCR confirmed, unless, new symptoms develop, due to possible inactive virus being in ones system.
I think that the biggest reason that the U.K is showing so many cases is purely based on the testing take up. Pretty simple really, if your testing heavily you have a greater chance of finding it, don't test, don't find.
The U.K test rate has actually dipped from its peak over the Christmas period.
A key function in my role is to recommend a confirmatory PCR test, coupled with support advice if required.
While CUV is a little exciting at the moment, my real world is still with Covid.
So I am a couple of months in with the Local Authority, got a pay rise :ROFLMAO:and a few more responsibilities.... We are heading toward the tail end of summer now, festivals in full swing. The area I'm in, lightly populated, farming with towns, cities and villages. There was a festival 2 weeks ago, BoardMasters, 50,000 people over 6/7 days. It generated at least 5000 cases within the County plus those that came into the County from other parts of the U.K. I am just starting to see cases from another festival in the neighboring County which finished 7days ago.
My better half works for another Local Authority at a far higher level than I could ever hope to be. There is a difficulty in understanding what the role is currently, 'What are we supposed to be doing?' 'Contain','Stop''Help'? Because the rules have changed here, you don't have to take a test, if you are double jabbed, you don't have to isolate. Legally, you must isolate if you have tested + for Covid. There is a lot of available interpretation, as with most 'rules' in life.
The 2 counties, 1 I live in, the other I work for are now in 'Special Measures', what does that mean? Not a lot really but the bit I take notice of is there will be more sequencing of tests looking for possible other variants.
Case rate is in the 600's per 100k for the region.
From a role perspective, what am I hearing/seeing, mostly 15-30 year olds, some suffering, the more suffering the least likely to have been vaccinated. It then spreads back into the household, many a teenager has been shut in their room till Iso' end.
On the positive, the hospitals are coping, stretched but not having to move patients from within the area to another for treatment.
The U.K is the great World experiment regarding the effect of vaccination, I did think that Israel was the country to watch, now, I think it is this one.
Am I concerned, no, I am jabbed and such is the 'lottery' of covid it will be what it will be, I am for living and will take the precautions to enable that.


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Australia starting to move into high gear regarding vaccine rollout. After a stuttering start, the percentage of age 16+ adults fully vaccinated should reach 40 % by Sunday if not Monday next week. I’ve estimated at an average rate of 0.7% a day we should reach 80% by second week of November but I think we going to reach the target before then. I’ve lost count of how many weeks we’ve been in lockdown this time around (4-5?) but it appears we will be locked down until end of September to coincide with reaching 70% fully vaccinated.

Ho hum, this summer’s going to a cracker😘


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@macgyver It is only watching the CUV share price that is preserving my mental health as us here in Melbourne are into week 'I've lost fucking count' of our sixth lockdown. As they say, the hardest part of a 'snap 1 week circuit breaker lockdown' is the first 3 weeks.
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@Verharven I’ve still been working through most of the lockdowns except for a two day break last year. My toddler son is climbing the walls at the moment unable to attend childcare. Everyday I come home to what looks like a scene from a war-ravaged country, shit strewn everywhere in the house, dodging toys like they’re land mines, with him either jumping up and down on the couch in manic glee or disturbingly walking around the house in circles (actually that’s not much different from what normally happens, just seems to be approaching it with more gusto this time around😆). Needless to say a man’s work is never done🙄
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Again, interesting how different countries are approaching vaccination, in the U.K only those that are clinically vulnerable will get the 3rd jab. It does look as if the Government is going to override the clinical boffins and vaccinate the 12-15 year olds. As a side note, the European Countries that are vaccinating 12-15 year olds did it through the Summer holidays, smart move, if you're going to make it.


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Australia should reach 40% fully vaccinated tomorrow (Friday 10th), so four days after my initial estimation. I was contacted yesterday by the Department of Health to get tested for being a Tier 2 contact at a local mall. It appeared everyone got the text message at the same time because when I left work to get tested at a local testing facility, the line of cars was spilling out onto the street and down it for some way. That was fun, not. Negative result came through this morning but I gave myself the day off anyway for being a good sport😆
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