Covid Vaccine

So here we are in early October, schools are back in full swing, case count across the country has been steady at 30,000 plus, hospital rates steady, death rate steady. It is very much in our faces yet the reality is every day people are diagnosed with different diseases, illness, etc, it is a fact of life.
Currently the Local Authority is working toward the deprived and low vaccination rate post codes, we can't cope with the total volume of cases within the County. Most of the cases are school age children with the majority seeming to have vaccinated parents. Policy here is that fully vaccinated people (at least 2 jabs, unless using the J&J) do not have to isolate unless showing symptoms, advised to take a PCR test.
The level of impact on people varies widely, some quite poorly but at home, most, mild flu/cold like symptoms, some mild symptoms with the occasional asymptomatic person.
There is an element of questioning with regard to what is happening, are we trying to contain, limit or just support ?
From the LA view, support is first, help those that need it most, then limit, then contain. Reality is, the virus won't be stopped, just have to use the tools, vaccines, masks, testing and various medicines to try and prevent the serious illness that can prevail.
Meanwhile I patiently wait for the world to open up without the restriction that currently stands.
Alcohol, as usual,:ROFLMAO: was involved 🥃

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