Scientific Description of an ischemic penumbra resulting from a stroke (video)


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Note: For new investors and analysts not up to date with Clinuvel's pipeline, their 2nd generation drug Prénumbra (a liquid polymer form of afamelanotide) will be used for vaso-active and oncotic indications initially. In the future it is expected Prénumbra will be used more widely for a variety of indications.

In a stroke, the ischemic core is the immediate area surrounding the site of the stroke where brain tissue has died. However, in the penumbra area surrounding the ischemic core, there is still active neurons and brain tissue that have a possibility of recovering if treated within 24-48 hours. However, there is also the sub-acute phase (72 hours post-stroke) where it is implied Prénumbra may be at its most beneficial regarding reduction of the penumbra.

It is expected (to be validated in trials) that afamelanotide can assist in revitalising blood vessels in the penumbra, giving it a higher possibility of recovery while limiting loss of neurons and brain damage. In addition, afamelanotide is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities so it is assumed the new drug will inadvertently assist with inflammation in the brain, though it's yet to be confirmed if this will be a stated objective in the upcoming trials.

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