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It’s probably a long shot, but I have a theory on this fellow working for Clinuvel. Dr Sharma’s job description of “Scientific Affairs Associate” is all about discretion, but sometimes a possible clue might be found looking at the LinkedIn profiles of Clinuvel employees e.g. work history, academic contributions etc. Dr Sharma has written several papers on nanoparticle delivery systems (aerosols, nebulisers etc) for pulmonary diseases, and in addition he did part of his doctorate research with UCL/Astra Zeneca on the same subject matter. In Clinuvel’s patent application for treatment of photodermatoses, it mentions afamelanotide can be delivered via an inhaler. And as a few people here will know you can buy Melanotan 1 or 2 that comes in nasal inhaler bottles. I have no idea as to the efficacy of this delivery method but it’s available.

It got me to thinking maybe Clinuvel is looking at inhaler delivery systems for paediatric use, or for use in another area of commercial opportunity (pulmonary disease?) An inhaler would be a good solution to any ethical issues regarding paediatric use, and it would minimise disruption to the child caused by travelling to an EPP centre for an implant. There are probably several other benefits that others here could elaborate on.

The recent hires of late presents very intriguing possibilities. Here we were always thinking about implants, EPP vitiligo and other immediate news but it‘s clear Clinuvel are playing some 4D chess and planning well beyond the current pipeline.

An engineer, a doctor with respiratory expertise, and an industrial designer walked into a bar one day….


Scenesse Inhaler?
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A study concerning a-msh delivery via nanoparticles for inflammatory bowel disease. The authors posit potential for such a delivery vehicle in lung inflammation in Covid.
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