Help please. List events and upcoming publications in this thread.


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Need some help please. Instead of the countdown timer mod, just going to put up a widget of events coming up and modify as needed.

Please list any and all upcoming (and recent) things to list. Events, Publications, Filings. After enough entries, will compile and post in a widget.

Things like...

2020 Events
Feb XX - CUV newsletter
April 15 - Scenesse starts selling in US
May XX - France meetings
July 31 - FY closes
Fall - Australian drug application
Nov 15 - AGM


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Early September is when I calculate the TGA decision if they don't clock stop - that's spring here in Oz šŸ˜ You can also lock in the next few quarterlies for late July, Oct and Jan
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Could someone do me a favor and type all these suggestions in this thread out. Compact is good, don't need 'Clinuvel'. Thank you.

CUV Quote (Yesterday's close)

Time: 4:10PM AEDT
Price: 29.39
Volume: 79920