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@Verharven I have them on my watch list, but with my other U investments, I think I am probably covered in this sector. NXE will pay off huge in 3-5 years. They may become the largest U producer in the world by then. I have been busy looking at other biotech stocks in the near-term. Trying to find the next CUV, lol.


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@endymion96 If the U price keeps up its upwards trajectory with Sprott seriously disrupting the market, then a dartboard thrower would make money investing in the U space, but still, there are better picks than others.

My background is molecular biology and a career in research and CUV has been one of the best companies I've come across based on the science and why I've stuck with them despite management doing my friggin' head in for just how 'weird' they need to do everything. As much as the delays and poor communication are a part of life for being a CUV holder, there is no way I would have amassed the holding that I do if they'd tracked on decent time frames and played the hype game to drive up the SP.
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My third largest position is Enwave Corporation from Canada.
They manufacture machines for dewatering organic materials and are expanding strongly in the cannabis and food sectors. Especially for those who don't want to bet on a single player in cannabis, Enwave is an interesting stock because it sells the scoops, so to speak, to many producers.
There is also a fantasy that their technology could be used to dehydrate vaccines. They're currently in an early partnership with Astrazeneca. Merck, their pharmaceutical development partner, has published an extremely interesting paper on the advantages of their dehydration technology. It's worth a read.
The following video gives a nice overview about the company. I'm in the stock since 2018 and follow literally every step and am under the opinion, that the stock is tremendously undervalued. In the next year, a doubling in sp would not surprise me, given that the pipeline looks robust and the last quarter has been the best in their entiry history.


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From my own perspective the whole Crypto/Blockchain space is fascinating. The problem is the speculative nature of so much of it outside of the big ones BTC/ETH

For this reason I’m looking to see if I’m eligible to subscribe to one of Pantera’s funds. Unbelievable track record so far and must have a decent advantage information-wise having been first movers and so close to the action since 2013

What are people’s thoughts on crypto and the potential for massive disruption in so many areas?

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