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Has anybody been keeping up with the latest news on Relief Therapuetics and NeuroRx? Basically, if one has patience, this may pay off quite well in 1 year's time. Depends how long it takes for the NIH trial and the BARDA trial to finish and wrap up with results. NASDAQ listing coming ... train is rolling! Some talk in the chat rooms of this investment brining in 50-100x returns from its current level. I have no idea about projections like this, but I do see this drug as a winner. I've read many articles and watched many videos. The recent FDA approval of GMP manufacturing site and process is a great sign of things to come. Any thoughts out there? I need some distractions from Clinuvel now that we are back to waiting again.



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P.S. - the best video out there on aviptadil's MOA is by Dr. Been (who incidentally has been a rock star during the COVID pandemic with his knowledge). He is one of my primary sources when I want to understand anything COVID related.

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Very important news from NRx Pharmaceuticals.
"NRx asked Prof. David Schoenfeld, one of the world’s most widely published statisticians with unique expertise in life-threatening diseases of the lung to conduct the analysis. "
"Dr. Schoenfeld’s report concludes, “The study provides preliminary evidence that aviptadil is effective in increasing the odds of recovery and survival from respiratory failure among the sickest COVID patients overall and particularly in those whose respiratory failure has progressed despite treatment with remdesivir. The study shows a significant increase in the likelihood that patients will recover and leave the ICU and a four-fold increase in the odds of survival after treatment with aviptadil compared to placebo, among the 127 patients who remained in respiratory failure despite treatment with remdesivir.”

I hope this news will accelerate FDA approval. They could still wait for the NIH trial to be completed, but given the urgency of this treatment and the new trial data, an EUA and BTD is now much more likely (at least imho).
What makes me scratch my head: NRXP is up 50% on this news, while RLF is up 10%.
In the US, Canada and Israel the profits will be split 50/50 between both companies. In Europe 85/15 and in ROW 80/20, all in favor of Relief. At this very moment, RLF is only 3/4 of NRX's market cap (300 MUSD vs. 400 MUSD). ThE sToCk mArKeT iS EfFiCiEnT. ;)

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