Scientific Lactate in the brain: an update on its relevance to brain energy, neurons, glia and panic disorder


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This post will require some editing as more information comes to hand.

Recently I came across an article about how a-msh can stimulate endothelial cells in the vasculature to produce lactate, a secondary energy source for neurons which is supplied via astrocytes, the cells whose feet form the matrix that makes up the BBB. It’s been alluded to several times on this forum that Afamelanotide doesn’t need to pass the BBB to intitiate a neuroprotection effect i.e. reducing inflammation. That is true from the point of view the drug will restore the BBB to order so as to prevent cytokines wreaking havoc and other inflammatory substances leaking into the brain. I was always curious as to whether this in itself would allow neurons in a penumbra to be saved or trigger neurogenesis. With the stroke patent, they make the claim of passing the BBB with their invention. The claim IMO refers to bremelanotide if they are speaking in terms of wholesale passing over the BBB of a melanocortin. This was really the only way I believed that neurons would have the best possible chance of being salvaged. However, in the aforementioned article about lactate production, a-msh stimulates endothelial cells to produce lactate, which then transfers through the BBB to the astrocytes, which then as part of the chemical exchange process imparts the lactate to the neurons. So the idea that a-msh doesn’t need to pass the BBB is doubly true in this regard, but perhaps it’s not as potent or as desired an effect as what could be obtained by having a melanocortin cross the BBB freely if Clinuvel felt the need to claim it in the stroke patent.

Also the upcoming Neuracthel device/drug adds to the idea of bypassing the BBB altogether; if it’s a catheter system for the brain that suggests treating something directly in the brain itself and not through vasculature. Regardless, I thought it was interesting to point out lactate production here as it adds to the understanding of how Afamelanotide might work on the brain besides just limiting inflammation without crossing the BBB.

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