Looking for someone to take ownership of an "Operations Timeline Slide"


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By now I hope you have seen the 'Research Findings' forum and the concept there. It's for both for discussion and a repository/compendium of science, articles, and factoids.

Something is missing though and I want a kind of master timeline sticky thread. This becomes important as I plan to open up sharetease to the public so google can start indexing sharetease and it'll show up in google searches.

This is a forever work in progress and items would drop off over time. It'll be made copyright free and I expect we'll see variations show up on institutional investor slides over time.

What I want is a a sort of summarized view that puts a lot of important investor bits into a one-shot matrix. A single slide (or 2). A one-off picture. I'm imagining a timeline based picture to include: approval phases, country developments, any timeline announcements, maybe some assumed expectations, expected patients per country, etc....

A lot of really good info gets researched here, commented on, and then ultimately lost. For example, there are excellent posts that describe with precision the approval range of MT-7117 from earliest possible to more probable. But, that gets lost as a verbal post and buried.

This is a resource not only for sharetease insiders, but marketing as well. As I open up sharetease to the public, I want this Operations Timeline to be quick stop marketing for Clinuvel to help build in media excitement to get the shareprice going.

We need to take the best of sharetease and condense it in a format for wider audience consumption.

I'm asking for help and ideas for this. Use this thread to get involved.


Some sample pictures that I saw that helped formed the idea.


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Just to get the ball rolling, does anyone have an idea of what programs could be used for this?
Adobe Illustrator is the only one i know of.


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Actually what you describe/want, is a business model canvas or a single/double page business plan.
The roadmap looks good, but doesnt say anything. Will not help anyone who's new to the company to take the decision about investing or not.

If you want to "market" CUV to new investors, you gotta summarize the USP, revenue streams, timelines, financial figures and health indicators, as well as the risks and possible competitors. Patents, upcoming milestones and opportunities.


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@mrdax Did you just volunteer to take lead?

anyone have an idea of what programs
The obvious is powerpoint, Illustrator, visio. This could even be a public link to lucidchart.com. It's basically visio in the cloud. I have a paid account there.

The more I consider, lucidchart would be smart. You can turn a big chart into a presentation as well. It's cool technology.

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