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Extract published in accordance with articles 49 et seq. Of the Monegasque Commercial Code.
Pursuant to a private deed dated August 1, 2019, registered in Monaco on September 11, 2019, Folio Bd 95 V, Case 2, a limited liability company was set up, the main characteristics of which are as follows:
Subject: “The purpose of the company is both in the Principality of Monaco and abroad, to the exclusion of areas falling under the exclusive competence of the regulated professions, and on behalf of the entities of the CLINUVEL Group and related companies: provision of services, studies and advice relating to development strategy, marketing and project monitoring; all administrative, commercial, operational, technical, logistical, legal and accounting coordination services.
And generally, all commercial, financial, movable and real estate transactions which may relate directly or indirectly to the corporate purpose or which may facilitate its extension or development. ".
Duration: 99 years, from the date of registration in the Trade and Industry Register.
Headquarters: 74, boulevard d'Italie, c / o REGUS in Monaco.
Capital: 15,000 euros.
Manager: Mr. Philippe WOLGEN, non-partner manager.
A copy of the aforementioned act was deposited with the General Registry of the Courts of Monaco, to be transcribed and displayed in accordance with the law, on May 19, 2020.
Monaco, on May 29, 2020.

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