Off-road 4X4 eye candy


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@Frogster I was looking at this boat a couple of years ago. A couple could operate it comfortably, approx. 3400 nautical mile range, steel hull and aluminium superstructure and 78ft long.
Much easier to handle than the Maltese Falcon, and its affordable at $2.3 million…..should CUV ever get to $250+😆

(Alas, we still have our eye on a Dashew FPB).



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@Johnny H Especially in sand, similar to Toyota’s CRAWL technology but better. The Cybertruck is an eye opener, but I think it’s going to be popular.
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@UpAbove I’ve lived in Australia for more than 20 years now after arriving from New Zealand. My fondest memories of this country are from traveling across it, in particular across the Kimberly in Western Australia and through outback Queensland and the Carpenteria Highway. The Kimberly in particular is just magic country, it should be a rite of passage for every Australian to visit this area. There’s so much more to see, and we hope to do so over the coming years😉

Johnny H

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@macgyver I added crawl control to my GX (Prado in Oz). Immediately took it out to Palm Springs to jump in the sand and test it out. I could not get it stuck, no matter how hard I tried.


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@macgyver Unfortunately it was only a vacation for me. I live in Germany but my friend spent 3 years in New Zealand and Oz. We've been travelling for 4 weeks with only 3 multi day stops...and still didn't leave Queensland. :D Was good to see so many Australians travelling their country as well.
Good thing is Europe has so much to offer as well, but I definitely would love to travel by ute again, that you don't see too much here. 😀


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@macgyver I just spent almost $1000 on off-road recovery gear ... snatch blocks, bow shackles, tow rope, etc ... that shit is expensive, and heavy! But, ya know ... gotta put the horse in front of the cart if you want to play in the woods. I'm sure you know all about it. I found this guy's vehicle recovery videos pretty informative. For instance, he has a video on ring blocks vs. snatch blocks and which is more efficient. Stuff like that fascinates me. Oh he's an Aussie too.

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@endymion96 That gear is heavy, and bulky when you trying to make space for other gear. I’ve never needed to use it, the winch and tree strap have usually done the trick where I’ve been. But nonetheless, it’s good to have in a jam.

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