Putting old pallets to good use...


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Haha yeh i have to buy some msg. Been meaning to do so for ages.

Either of you have a good recipe/guide for a good Pho?


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Not me unfortunately. It’s in my wife’s head, extracting that and writing it down would be challenging and prone to getting something wrong. There are vietnamese cooking channels on YouTube including some with English subtitles, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen pho cooked on there before. You’re bound to find something worthwhile.
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Johnny H

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@Clinhope Find this at an Asian market. Just picked this up today.

There's also a spice bag called "Phó Hōa", which has a decent approximation of the homemade anise flavor.

For sweetening, use palm sugar or rock sugar.



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@macgyver ahhh lucky man. Yeh there's definitely a lot of recipes on youtube but the variation is big.

I'll go to the Asian supermarket and have a look for an equivalent. Usually when i learn to cook something, it takes a good 4 or 5 times to get it right. But something like this is worth learning.

Thanks for the help!

Johnny H

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My cousin in law is Cambodian. I bugged him about recipes, and he had some decent ones.

But finally, he told me "Dude, we live in Los Angeles. You can get world class Pho anywhere for $5".

I was somewhat taken aback. It's about the journey, and learning.

After trying several dozen recipes, I finally got it exactly the way I like it. 18 hours of simmering, 4 dirty pots, and trips to 5 different grocery stores. And then I realized... I could have gotten this for $5.


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MacGyver is skillful with his hands and can put together something useful. Surprise surprise..
Looks great Mac 👍🏻

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