Share Investing

As many people, one hopes to make a tidy sum on the share market. Especially in these times when Banks are offering little or no interest.
My experience, of which there is little, CUV has enabled me to get my money back, twofold and the balance that I hold will hopefully enable a reasonable retirement.
I, personally don't trust crypto, also admit to not knowing very much about it. I do however follow what its movements are.
Age adds a certain 'quality' to investing, the younger you are, the more risk you're prepared to take, as age looms, the risk wains.
So, whilst I'm getting older, still on the look out for another 'special' one.
Does anyone have on opinion on Darktrace. Due to list on the FTSE next month. The IPO was completely subscribed for. 2 of the people that were involved are potentially up for extradition to the U.S for miss selling Autonomy a few years back. Darktrace has distanced themselves from the 2 but they have played a key role in establishing the business. I for one, am keen but a little more research before the listing happens.

CUV Quote (Yesterday's close)

Time: 4:10PM AEDT
Price: 39.19
Volume: 69444