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There is a whole world of stocks to consider, from speculative over growth to value... and then you have value at price and expensive value...

Lets make a collection of stocks which we want to share and discuss.
I will start with a likely speculative stock which could grow significantly or gets bought out.
Brainchip is the name of this company, it designs neuromorphic chips, which should mirror the brain. They have impressive results at an impressive, expensive price (if some competitor comes up with better stuff)...

long video:
short one:

feel free to argue, add to the discussion - and bring other companies that you like or that you think will fall in value inevitably (to go short)
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Rather than mention a single stock, I'd rather take the opportunity to recommend a youtube channel that regularly presents excellent stock opportunities. I stumbled across his channel about a month ago when I was looking for videos on "Big Pharma buy outs"...The dude has fantastic expertise (related to stocks, but also economics in general) and shares all his knowledge in an understandable way in his videos. In other words, he teaches his viewers how to fish instead of serving them the finished fish. Since watching his videos, I've learned more about markets than I did before in my 3.5 years in the stock market combined.

His current "highest conviction play" is Discovery Communications Inc . He has 3 videos about it on his channel in which he goes into detail about the company. I'll link to the latest one below.

The Popular Investor - Youtube Channel
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