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Concerning US situation, if the Democrats pass their glutonous spending bills, I believe these tax shelters will be raided in the future. There is no way to pay for what they are proposing except through higher taxes as their policies wreck the economy so growing it won't be an option. I highly doubt generously endowed IRAs would escape the wrath of these locusts.

As far as current strategy, taking the tax hit now under current rules could be the way to go. However, if the Dems are not successful and the Repubs take control in 2022 and 2024, the tax situation could chnage for the better in the future. At this point, I just don't know how it is going to play out. My guess is most Americans don't want all this outrageous spending to go forward and so ... I think it will ultimately fail. Biden's polling is dismal, he may take his party down with the ship.

I would say, keep your eye on the Virginia governor's race in November and you may see which way the wind blows very soon. If Youngkin (R) wins and McAwful (D) loses, that will send the Dems into a spin that they cannot not recover from. The race is tight right now, but Youngkin appears to be pulling ahead and has the momentum, especially after McAwful proclaimed that Virginians should not have a say in how their children are taught in public schools if he wins. He wants government to set the agenda. People are not taking too kindly to not having a voice in their child's public school cirricullum and education. That will and is having a big impact on voting, especially since the debates are now finished. However, VA has gone solid blue over the last couple decades when it once was solid red. So who knows? I just hope reason, rationality, and freedom prevail.
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@sharelooker The taxation of dividends is comparatively high throughout Switzerland. In principle, this amounts to 35%, although not the entire value has to be taxed. The exact calculation is rather complicated, as the income tax is always divided into cantonal and federal taxes and the former can be determined by the canton itself.
To make it short: The canton of Zug is in any case the most tax-friendly canton. It was even recently voted for regressive taxes for companies. By the way, Clinuvels office is also located in Zug ;)
If I had to bet, I would say that as a private individual with dividend income, you fare best there from a tax point of view.

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