Trump's long shot in the Supreme Court


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Just curious as to what our American friends think of the legal manoeuvring taking place regarding the US election. So far we have over 30 lawsuits rejected by courts with some of the judges even appointed by Trump himself, and the Supreme Court denying a hearing to the Pennsylvania case. But now Texas is suing 4 other states to nullify their votes (totally outrageous) and the SCOTUS has agreed to hear it. Will it get up?


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Zero chance. 0.0000%.

1. For the Pennsylvania suit, the supreme court's response was fast... meaning pre-coordinated. And 9-0 is a very strong statement.

2. The Texas suit is about Texas suing another state on the other state's right to make their own election rules saying Texas is harmed by the other state's rules. If that were to pass, then that would open up any state suing another state about petty election rules in some other state. Or NY suing Texas because Texas gun laws harm NY. The entertainment value of this happening would be high, but 0.00% chance in the end.


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I’ve read a few law professors’ opinions in the media and the general consensus is this about as frivolous and bizarre a lawsuit as you can get. I assume the only reason SCOTUS is hearing it is because it’s a state vs state suit so they are obliged to hear it. Hoping for a unanimous decision here to fully repudiate Trump’s attempts to steal the election.

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