Update to Ignore/Block feature


Staff member
The ignore/block feature has been updated.

1. Do not ignore the first user of a thread, or the whole thread will disappear. For the main Clinuvel discussion thread, that would be the user "stainless". Go ahead and try it... ignore stainless and the thread will disappear, and un-ignore him to fix it.

2. When you ignore someone, it turns off the noise of somebody you don't want to hear.
If you click on "2-way ignore", it will block them from seeing your posts. This is sort of punishment.

I suggest you NOT start with this, because they will eventually figure it out. But, there is nothing they can do about it.

3. This picture is my recommended settings. Go to your profile, and click on 'ignore' to get here.


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Time: 4:10PM AEDT
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