What are you going to spend your spoils on?


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1. Vacation property in Colorado - just closed last week. Out there now.
2. Long term goal - set up a healthy endowment in the school of Civil and Environmental Engineering at my alma mater. Goals are to fund projects to protect the Great Lakes and innovative ways to provide safe, clean drinking water wherever needed.
3. Leave a nice nest egg for my kids but not enough to take away their incentive to work hard.

Money should provide freedom and opportunities to explore, travel and leave the world a little better than when I got here.


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As an almost real life hermit I don’t like too much attention and especially the attention that sports cars etc bring (as much as I like to look at them) so for me it’d be a small amount of land somewhere in Latin America on which I could raise animals and farm etc and a small property with some high end woodworking tools

The rest would go on longevity drugs and perhaps a few scenesse implants (although I think these should be provided as some sort of dividend alternative for us longtermers)


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Well part of the fun is that I’ll have to do a wee reccy 😉 I’m open to anywhere but need to explore first.

Having family in various Latin American countries there might be an advantage settling in those. Through ancestry I can get nationality which might help but then if we’re talking CUV hitting the big time I’m sure it wouldn’t be out of the question to ‘buy’ residency wherever I like best

Some parts of Costa Rica do look amazing 👍

Are you familiar with Costa Rica and Belize?

Johnny H

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I lived in Costa Rica as a teenager for a summer, but that was more than 20 years ago.

It's a beautiful, safe country with friendly people and delicious food. I had fresh fruit probably 4-5 times a day.

I would love to go back, but this time with money in my pocket.


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Amazing. I love the idea that these Central American countries enjoy both the Pacific and the Caribbean waters within relatively short distances of each other

It’s definitely on the list to explore and as you say, with money in the pocket options must open up to you a little


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I used to dream about a huge yacht. Now I don’t really care and I feel I have all the stuff I need, but I would probably buy time, travel and a few new properties.

At $1000 I would probably buy a small ranch somewhere in California, and I would buy a small apartment in Maui.

Then, I would set up a fund to take care of the next generations of Farmas, I would help out a few friends, donate to select charities and invest most of the remaining funds in very dull companies.

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